Friday, October 2, 2015

Apple Bacon Pizza

Hearing Apple Bacon Pizza is almost like "You had me at hello" right?! I love bacon and pizza yet trying to be health conscious sometimes it is hard to find that happy and healthy balance of the foods we like to eat. Since it is Friday and many of us will be having pizza so  here is a healthier spin on a pizza for you to try. 

For my crust I went with a Whole Grain Naan. I love these for pizza and for making pita's. I don't like a lot of crust which make these perfect for my pizza's. Bonus: the size is just right! I can usually finish off a whole one by myself and with only 360 calories for the entire Naan I can do so guilt free.

The first thing I did was cover the Naan with pesto. One of my favorite flavors! After the pesto I shredded some Cabot Sharp Extra Light Cheddar over the pesto. Next I layered my pizza with spinach, my favorite veggie! After the spinach came Apples!!!

Keeping the calories down on a pizza while having it be delicious can be tricky. I love veggies and typically pile them on while making a pizza. This particular pizza I was looking for a balance of sweet and satisfying. We just had gone apple picking last weekend so I decided to add some fresh picked, Vermont Macintosh Apples from Allenholm Farm. I sliced thin pieces to layer on my pizza. 

Next came the bacon of coarse. I had cooked the bacon prior making sure it was nice and crispy then crumpled it over the pizza. I only used two slices of bacon. Once the bacon was on it was time for a final thin layer of the cheese again.

I baked it at 350 for 15 minutes and out came my pizza.

I wasn't done yet though...

I recently went to the Vermont Tap House and they have this amazing pizza that inspired this recipe for me and it has a drizzle of maple syrup on it once it comes out. I used Vermont Pure Maple Syrup once it came out. Just a light drizzle, remember, it is pizza not a pancake! 

The outcome: This was very good! Not as good as the Tap House pizza of coarse but it was pretty delicious. If you have some extra apples from apple picking remember that apples can be used for more than just baking, add them to your sandwiches and throw them on a pizza! 

Happy Friday!!


  1. YUMM! Wish I could have cheese but this looks delish!

  2. This looks like the perfect fall pizza, YUM!