Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The A B,C's Of A Runner

Running means something different to each one of us. It's a personal relationship we all have with the road. One may run to get fit, the person next to him may be running for a cause, a purpose they are faithful to, and the person behind you may be racing against something much more personal. A struggle or pain that only that person see's. Running is our freedom, our church, our belief in the blessing it is to be able to run. Running also has an amazing way of bringing together other runners. We influence, motivate, inspire and challenge one another. We share our goals and scream our PR's. We encourage and support one another. At the end of any run, any race, we share the same A,B,C's of running. Here they are:

A- ACHIEVE: You set a goal, you sweat your heart out for it, and you crush it!

B- BELIEVE: "Always Believe You Can". If you think it, you can do it. You are capable of more than you know.

C- COMMITMENT: You made a decision to create a better you. It takes courage and commitment to take those steps forward to reach that goal.

D- DISCIPLINE: You train and sacrifice knowing that the end goal is victory.

E- EXERCISE: We run because we love it, and because it's good for us!

F- FIERCE: We are aggressive, strong, and powerful. Runner's are FIERCE!

G-GRATEFUL: Running has taught us to be humble. To worship our bodies. We are thankful for our bodies, our legs, and the air we breathe.

H-HUNGRY: This is what happens after our runs or during training. We eat. We eat a lot! If we don't eat, we become "hangry"!

I- INFLUENTIAL: We influence one another. The sport becomes an addiction, intoxicating to some.

J-JOY: Running bring pleasure and happiness. We rejoice in our victories and the victories of our friends. We discover an unique euphoric feeling.

K- KNOWLEDGE: We evolve as runners through experience, patience, and learning from ourselves.

L- LIBERATING: We run to feel free, to find release, and to heal.

M-MOTIVATION: We are inspired and driven. We challenge our bodies and minds with each step we take.

N-NEED: Some of us want to run, some of us need to run.

O-OPTIMISTIC: Be confident, stay positive, and always tell yourself you can.

P- PAIN: It's not always easy. There are days that it is going to hurt. There will be moments you are not sure you can go on. You push through that pain. It's there to keep you humble and make you stronger.

Q- QUALITY: Some days the run isn't about the miles or time, it is about what we gain in return from that run.

R- RUN: Because we can!

S-STRONG: Our bodies of amazing things. We are strong!

T- TENACIOUS: Runners are persistent, determined and strong willed.

U- UNDIVIDED: Running brings runners together. We have created a community of support, encouragement and unity.

V-VICTORY: That amazing feeling as we cross that finish line.

W-WILLPOWER: The three D's : Determination, Discipline, and Desire.

X- XERIC: This means being deficient in moisture, I think we all have a time or two where were have experienced dehydration! Drink your water runner's!

Y- YES: Runner's typically don't like to take no for an answer. We are over achiever's, risk takers and goal setters.

Z-ZEALOUS: We are enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to this sport.

There you go my running friends, always make sure you know your A,B,C'S!


P.S. A shout out to all the runner's who are taking part in the Vermont City Marathon this Sunday along with many thanks to every single volunteer! Have an awesome run! 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Addiction I Can't Kick

When my husband informed me that he was going to be out of town the weekend before my next half marathon there may have been fire coming out of me ears. When he tried to switch it to the weekend before and it didn't work with everyone else I think fire then came out of my mouth. It's not the fact that he is going away. By all means, I encourage him to do things and want him to be happy. What the problem is when I hear that he is going out of town what that translates into for me is: I won't be able to run.

I start to go over in my head how I can build my miles before he leaves. I consider adding in another stroller run while my oldest is in school. I can always get my folks to watch the kids so I can get a long run in. Maybe I could have the neighbor's daughter come over... All these things go racing through my head. I can feel the blood rush to my face and hear my voice rise as I utter words "under my breath" but loud enough so that he knows I am displeased. Displeased doesn't even describe it. Let's go with furious! I know I am being selfish and irrational. Truth is it is not my first Half Marathon and I know I am ready for it even if I have to taper back sooner than I planned. I was so counting on that last weekend before the race to get a couple more long runs in. It doesn't matter to me right then. I have to run, need to run, and a part of me feels like I will go crazy without my runs!

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I am addicted to running. It is my drug. I think it, I dream it and I anxiously wait for that next time I can get out there. I grow envious of of other runners when I am driving or happen to look out my window and see someone running. It didn't start out this way for me. I was a late bloomer, in my thirties and after my first child before I got hooked on running. Sure, I dabbled in it before but never seemed to get that to that place within me that I do now. What started as a healthy habit turned into the best high I ever had. Who knew the motion of my own body could create such euphoria.

I don't like having to take running breaks. Due to an injury, health or life's schedule.  I hate to have it not be in my control that I don't get to run. After my second son was born I couldn't wait to get back out there. I had run throughout my entire pregnancy and now I was being told I had to heal before I could get out there. I had my son via c-section (it was my second one). I was suppose to wait 6 to 8 weeks before I started running again. I started running at 4 weeks post baby. Shhh, I never told my doctors. Let's just say I have never been that good at listening to orders. (In my defense I knew my body and was ready to ease back in. Always listen to your doctors! As a mother would say: Do as I Say, not as I do!).

Is it an addiction? It's dedication, determination, and drive. An addiction is classified as something that is harmful to you. Yes, I depend on running. Yes, I need running. And yes, I can't imagine my life without it now that I have it. The benefits of running are truly amazing and how can something so great be bad? Because it is not! Running is one of the best commitments I have ever made. I made the choice to better who I was. I committed to creating a healthier, happier, and stronger me. Call it an addiction if you like, but this is one habit I hope I never give up. I am grateful I get to run. My legs are a gift. My body is incredible. My life is a blessing.

Simple Definition of addiction

  • : a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble)
  • : an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something
Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
Yes, I will still be grumbling that I will lose miles at the end of the month. It may make me go a little stir crazy. Here is what I find comfort in: I know running will be there when my husband gets back. Waiting for me like an old friend ready to catch up on life. The pavement ready to let me dance on it's surface. The wind pushing me forward when I am not sure I can do that extra mile. The thrill of a faster pace or a new PR. Those two little faces that I think of as I reach the finish line. This certainly is the best habit I have ever picked up. If only my younger self would have know about this...but then again, I may not have appreciated it as I do now. Life is amazing like that...always surprising us, teaching us and pushing us to grow. 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Summer Running Essentials

Happy May! I am getting excited for warmer weather, sunshine, picnics, the beach, hiking and running in less clothing! With warmer temps it does take some time for the body to adapt. We had a freak day of 75 two weeks back and running in it felt like it was 85! I hate the cold yet get accustomed to running outside when it is 20 and once the temperature starts to rise I have to adjust once again. My perfect running temp would be around 45-50. If only I could turn a thermostat up or down for my runs then adjust it accordingly to me life. With that being said I thought it was a good time to share some of my favorite running essentials for the summer.

CamelBak: This has got to be one of my favorite pieces of running gear. I was discovering that when I ran races and tried to run and drink water at water stations I ended up spilling most of it on me or choking on it. I do not like to stop when I run there fore I knew I needed to be able to carry water on me. I tried a handheld water bottle but this didn't impress me one bit. I don't like running with anything in my hands as it is. Last year I decided to get me a CamelBak Charm. It's nothing fancy and I searched for the best deal on the one I was looking at. I even used Birthday money that my in laws gave me which was a nice bonus. I love it and even through the winter I would take it on my longer runs. Staying hydrated through out my long runs had helped me perform better. I have been adding Nuun to my water which also gives my body electrolytes. On the days I know I have some miles ahead of me I throw in a Nuun Energy. During a race I don't have to worry about stopping at a water station, I am a drink and go girl: "An object in motion stays in motion." ~ Newton

Running Belt: This is a must for every run but especially helpful for long runs or race day. I use my belts on every run. I stuff it with my phone, fuel and mace. On race day it is nice to have a place for my ID, car key and cash. I own a SPIbelt and a SLS3Dual Pocket Running belt. I think both are great and as I mentioned before being hands free when running is essential for me. 

Anti Chaffing Ointment: With the warm weather you sweat more, your clothes rub on you, your body parts start rubbing against each other and you are left with angry chaffing marks. I try my best to remember to pre treat certain areas before I head out for a run. I can't say I am always successful on preventing chaffing, some days the odds are against me. There are several great products out there that can help with chaffing. I have tried a couple (Body Glide, Chafex) but my trusty go to for preventing chaffing as well as treating it is Aquaphor Healing Ointment. I first found this product when my first son was a baby. I was given a sample of it as it helps with diaper rash and wounds. I used it for those things then started using it for chaffing. If you don't have a tub of this in your house than you need to get one! It has saved me several times and even cleared up some nasty spots from chaffing. 

Sunscreen: I love the sun! I also love my skin! Being active outside means that I need to protect my face from the rays.  Be sure to use a sunscreen each time you walk out that door. You will thank yourself twenty years from now. 

Remember to stay hydrated and protect your body in the months ahead. Pay attention to the heat and humidity. Most importantly, always listen to your body! 


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