Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The A B,C's Of A Runner

Running means something different to each one of us. It's a personal relationship we all have with the road. One may run to get fit, the person next to him may be running for a cause, a purpose they are faithful to, and the person behind you may be racing against something much more personal. A struggle or pain that only that person see's. Running is our freedom, our church, our belief in the blessing it is to be able to run. Running also has an amazing way of bringing together other runners. We influence, motivate, inspire and challenge one another. We share our goals and scream our PR's. We encourage and support one another. At the end of any run, any race, we share the same A,B,C's of running. Here they are:

A- ACHIEVE: You set a goal, you sweat your heart out for it, and you crush it!

B- BELIEVE: "Always Believe You Can". If you think it, you can do it. You are capable of more than you know.

C- COMMITMENT: You made a decision to create a better you. It takes courage and commitment to take those steps forward to reach that goal.

D- DISCIPLINE: You train and sacrifice knowing that the end goal is victory.

E- EXERCISE: We run because we love it, and because it's good for us!

F- FIERCE: We are aggressive, strong, and powerful. Runner's are FIERCE!

G-GRATEFUL: Running has taught us to be humble. To worship our bodies. We are thankful for our bodies, our legs, and the air we breathe.

H-HUNGRY: This is what happens after our runs or during training. We eat. We eat a lot! If we don't eat, we become "hangry"!

I- INFLUENTIAL: We influence one another. The sport becomes an addiction, intoxicating to some.

J-JOY: Running bring pleasure and happiness. We rejoice in our victories and the victories of our friends. We discover an unique euphoric feeling.

K- KNOWLEDGE: We evolve as runners through experience, patience, and learning from ourselves.

L- LIBERATING: We run to feel free, to find release, and to heal.

M-MOTIVATION: We are inspired and driven. We challenge our bodies and minds with each step we take.

N-NEED: Some of us want to run, some of us need to run.

O-OPTIMISTIC: Be confident, stay positive, and always tell yourself you can.

P- PAIN: It's not always easy. There are days that it is going to hurt. There will be moments you are not sure you can go on. You push through that pain. It's there to keep you humble and make you stronger.

Q- QUALITY: Some days the run isn't about the miles or time, it is about what we gain in return from that run.

R- RUN: Because we can!

S-STRONG: Our bodies of amazing things. We are strong!

T- TENACIOUS: Runners are persistent, determined and strong willed.

U- UNDIVIDED: Running brings runners together. We have created a community of support, encouragement and unity.

V-VICTORY: That amazing feeling as we cross that finish line.

W-WILLPOWER: The three D's : Determination, Discipline, and Desire.

X- XERIC: This means being deficient in moisture, I think we all have a time or two where were have experienced dehydration! Drink your water runner's!

Y- YES: Runner's typically don't like to take no for an answer. We are over achiever's, risk takers and goal setters.

Z-ZEALOUS: We are enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to this sport.

There you go my running friends, always make sure you know your A,B,C'S!


P.S. A shout out to all the runner's who are taking part in the Vermont City Marathon this Sunday along with many thanks to every single volunteer! Have an awesome run! 

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  1. I love this list! I'm really impressed you found one for X! Lol I really loved your introduction. We are all running for our own reasons, but it brings us all together with a common bond!

  2. Love this list!!! My P is for pizza though :-) haha

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