Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Let's Eat Nakd!

In my effort to be healthy, stay healthy and eat clean, I am always looking for healthy snack alternatives. I eat frequently through out the day (at least every two hours) and with small creatures in my house combined with working, cleaning, and being active, I need foods that are quick to fuel me. I am always buying different protein bars to try so I was thrilled when I was asked to review Natural Protein Bars from Natural Balance Foods.

First of all look at this box! It made me happy just opening it and see the greeting inside. I was pleasantly surprised at all the different flavors to try. Here are just a few: Pecan Pie, Rhubarb & Custard, Cocoa Crunch, Cocoa Orange, Banana, and Strawberry Crunch. There is a total of nine flavor combinations and four crunch bar flavors.

What I love about these bars is that they contain 100 % natural ingredients. This means they are good for you and your body will be happy to eat them. These bars are made from simple and natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts that are "smooshed" together. They are even Gluten, Dairy and Wheat free!

Yes, I was pleased to read the package of the bars and see how simply these were made. But do they taste good? These bars were SO good! I will admit I actually hid the entire box away so my children wouldn't steal them. I was caught eating one and my four year old asked to try them so I caved and gave both him and my 21 month old a bite. They loved it! They even asked for more and sadly I ended up sharing my bars with them. Though sharing my food isn't something I like to do it does please me to give my children healthy snacks. Knowing that they are eating something that is good for their bodies makes me a happy mama.

My two favorite's were the Cocoa Orange and the Cocoa Protein Crunch. I love chocolate and this is such a great way to satisfy a craving without the guilt. Snacks should taste good and be good for you.  

Natural Balance Foods is: "Devoted to increasing world happiness with delicious and healthy snacks, humor and helpfulness." This company is doing their part in promoting healthy eating by giving us a natural and delicious bar. If you are looking for a new way to snack healthy order some of these bars. Right now they even have a sampler box of their bars for $9.99 and shipping is always free! I just ordered a sampler box and a box of the Cocoa Protein Crunch Bars. Maybe I will share with my kids...Maybe not!

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Disclaimer: Discovering Me In Them was not paid to write this. All opinions shared regarding products or websites are mine. We all have an opinion right?! I am always happy to share mine!