Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Y Chromosome

I was blessed with two boys. No girls in this house besides me. Oh, and the dogs! They count right?

I always wanted three boys. Why three boys? Not sure but I think some of it may have had to do with the fact I use to babysit these three boys when I was a teenager.  Having boys seemed fitting to me. I enjoy sports and was always playing with the boys growing up (Get your head out of the gutter! I meant GI Joes and Matchbox cars!) I was good at burning beetles with a magnifying glass in the driveway and my barbies didn't mind a little dirt on them.

Now I sit here and look at my two boys. (One is actually on my lap as I try to type with one hand). Did it turn out the way I thought? I did get 2 out of 3! Maybe not as I thought, but truly how it was suppose to be.

Photo taken by Wild Clover Photography
When I was pregnant with Chase I had in my head he was a girl. At his ultrasound it was revealed that indeed he was not! I was thrilled that my first born was going to be a boy. Then we got pregnant with Wesley. This time around I had decided not  to find out what I was having. It didn't matter. It was my baby and I would be given what God intended on me having.  I had this strong feeling throughout my entire pregnancy that I was having a boy. I just knew I was carrying another boy. I joked that Jay didn't know how to make a girl. I was right!

Do I wish I had a girl?  No! There were moments when I was pregnant that a piece of me would have been thrilled with a girl. Gosh, I drool over all those cute outfits and ruffles. The pinks and purples! Yet when I look at my boys I feel that this is exactly how it was always suppose to be. I wouldn't trade any of it. I am happy to have a beautiful niece and be an honorary "auntie" to my girlfriends children. I can live vicariously through them. 

I am the mommy to two incredible little BOYS! I get to take them to their first Red Sox game. I can sit on the couch with them and we can fill our faces as we watch super bowl games together. I get to watch them grow into young men and hopefully help teach them how to be gentle and kind. Teach them how a man should always treat a woman.

There is something special between a mama and her boys. I am grateful for that Y chromosome that has given me these amazing little creatures. Maybe someday they will give me little girls when they have children of their own...40 years from now of coarse!

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  1. Yeah, watch Chase and Wes give you like 3-4 granddaughters one day!
    Also, your niece is super lucky to have you!