Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our No Bake Energy Balls

My four year old has always liked to help me in the kitchen. Little feet would follow me and ask to help me in whatever way he could. I was always propping him up on the kitchen counter as I cooked. Whether it was watching me, helping me, or licking the spoon, Chase was right there eager to lend a little hand.

In my effort to be healthy and eat foods that fuel my body, as well as my children, I stumbled upon a recipe over a year ago for No Bake Energy Balls. I liked that it was simple and something that we could whip up whenever we wanted. I also liked that it was a easy snack before a run or when my kids were hungry for the 100th time in an hour. I have made a few of my own "tweaks" to it and since my son Chase could not easily say Energy Balls, we renamed them: "Yummy Balls".

Here is our recipe:

1 cup dry oatmeal (We are a fan of Bob's Red Mill Organic Oatmeal)
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter (I use Earth Balance Coconut & Peanut Spread)
1/4 cup flax seed
1/4 cup ground flax meal (I do not always put in the ground flax as long as there is flax seed!)
1/3 cup Agave Nectar (you can substitute with honey or maple syrup)
1 tsp of pure vanilla extract


Combine all ingredients and chill for at least a half hour before making balls

Last: Eat Yummy Balls!

This is a simple recipe and one which we all enjoy. I cannot get Chase to eat oatmeal by itself yet he has no problem devouring several "Yummy Balls". I have to watch him because he is notorious for trying to sneak a few extras when I am not looking.

I love how simple it is and the variations you can do with it. I have used Agave Nectar, Honey and Maple Syrup. Any of these works well with this recipe. I have even cut down on the peanut butter and the for less calories. 

These are addicting, sweet and "mostly" guilt free. 

We even have the nineteen month old, Wesley, hooked on them! 

Spending time in the kitchen is something which we do often. I even will suggest making something when Chase is having a four year old crisis. Making food together creates happiness in our house. It has become a place where we find balance, create laughter, make "yummy food"...and a mess!

Do you have a favorite snack you make with your children? 

There are things you do because they feel right and they may make no sense and they may make no money and it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other and to eat each others cooking and say it was good.Brian Andreas




  1. I have had these pinned for awhile, but still haven't made them. They look really good!!!

    1. They are very good! A favorite for sure and so simple! You have to give it a try!

  2. We are totally on the same page with nutrition this is right up my alley!!!

    1. This is such an easy recipe and a good one to include the kids with! They are pretty addicting!

  3. I love energy balls, my daughter's classmate is allergic to nuts so we make sure we make them with sunflower butter (I could just imagine her hugging him with just a little bit of nut butter on her face, she's a big hugger).

    1. I have a friend who wanted to do this recipe but her daughter has allergies so I suggested Sun Butter.
      I bet he would like her hugging up against him. He is a snuggley little ham!