Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Greeting A New Home, A New Day And Worcester Half Marathon

It feels so awesome to be sitting here at my computer with a few minutes to start writing. I can't say I will get through writing this post in one sitting yet I am OK with that. This has been the longest that I have gone without writing and blogging. In part it was my choice though I will admit I missed it something fierce. I enjoy writing and this blog has been such a great outlet for me. Not to mention the connections I have made and other blogs I love to read. All of that was pushed aside as we got ready to move into our new house. Between work and trying to sort through boxes I feel like I haven't had any down time. No worries, I have managed to get in my running. Priorities my friends! 
Run, Rest, Repeat!!!

Here I am actually sitting at my desk writing this. I finally have an office which I can work from and write. I work part time and most of that is from home. For the past couple of years my desk has been the kitchen table. Though sitting down as a family for dinner is something very important to me I will admit there were nights my trusty laptop accompanied the meal as it was pushed aside due to not wanting to unplug and relocate when I would need it later. Now I have my own little cozy spot where I don't have to worry about the kids screaming or me having to apologize to clients for the ruckus in the background. There is still plenty of noise and ruckus, it just is a muffled now.

Finally, a place to work!

The other exciting thing is that the other side of my office is now where mama can exercise. Plenty of space and no need to move the sandbag, hand weights or yoga mat to and from another room. My hubby even scored me a used treadmill. As for the "dreadmill" I am not sure if my relationship with her will ever flourish. For the five years I have been running I run outside. Yes, even with living in Vermont all my runs are outside throughout the year. I have run through sun, rain, sleet, hail and snow. I have jumped snowbanks and fallen flat on my ass after slipping on ice. I hate the cold. Not sure why I even live in Vermont (oh yeah, family, that's it!) Despite that I actually enjoy running outside even when it is cold out. It has become a normal to me and running outside will never be replaced by a treadmill for me. I decided to give her a try the other day, just 3.1 miles. It was awful! Thank God it was a bonus run for me because there was nothing enjoyable about it! My time and speed was slow, I sweat like a pig and I couldn't wait to get the hell off it. I suppose she will come in handy when the hubby goes away or I want to get in an extra workout. As for her name, I am still working on that. Yes, she deserves a name! Even my Camelbak has a name! 

Sharon & I Pre-Race

The last post I wrote here on this blog was my preparation for the Worcester Running Festival Half Marathon on June 19th. This was Half Marathon #9 for me as well as my first out of state race. More importantly my dear friend Sharon ran her second race in the 5K portion of it. It was so fun spending the weekend with friends and sharing a memory like this.

This is Joshua, He will never know it but he kept me going!

As for the race itself, it was not what I expected. It was pretty poorly organized starting off with the Port O Potty's not being delivered on time. This left runners with two bathrooms in the town building to share. The race was suppose to start at 7am and was then pushed back to be sure everyone got their potty break in. The course itself was challenging in the beginning with some promised hills during the first five miles. Honestly I thought they were going to be worse than they really were. I did love running the streets of Worcester since I use to live in Massachusetts. The streets were familiar and comforting. I was able to reminisce in my head of years ago, even those crazy Becker College days where WPI Frat boys threw some damn good parties. There were a couple parts of the coarse which were not marked very well and even one part where you were actually running down the middle of two way traffic. Not exactly safe for runners. Crowd support was minimal which surprised me. I did pace with a nice guy the last half of the race which kept me moving at a decent pace. I finished in 1:39:22. I was 55 overall out of 556 runners and the 10th woman to finish the Half Marathon Portion. 

The best part of any race: seeing these faces when I am done.

June's mileage was 130 miles which was lower than I had wanted. Even the past couple weeks my longer runs have not been as long as I have planned. Time seems to be an issue these days and I am hoping to find a better balance now that I am getting settled. Lots of running in the early morning to beat the heat. Some mornings are a struggle to get out of bed yet I never regret it once I am out the door. I really enjoy starting my day with my feet hitting the pavement as the sun rises.

Sunrise run
This month there are no big goals. I am tossing around the idea of another Half at the end of the month yet that is to be determined. It's a busy work month for me and I will admit it has been nice to just enjoy my runs the past few weeks without feeling the pressure of another race. Sometimes we need to be reminded why we run in the first place. It's nice to reflect and just be one with myself. I have needed those runs in the chaos of life these days. Stepping into a new home has been a blessing. It has also been one of the most stressful things that I have done. I am ready for life to level out so I can enjoy the walls that surround me. It's time for new memories and laughter to fill these walls. It's also time to figure out new running routes even though I am not that far from the old place. Some mornings I get thrown off. #Runnerproblems! It adds to the adjustment period for sure!

Ahhh, I feel better! I actually wrote this post in one sitting. Granted the kids did interrupt once but hey, that's not bad! I hope to be posting more and visiting my favorite blogs more too! Until then, Happy Running! xo

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of miles for not being in training! And all while getting settled into a new home. It has to feel good to be done with all that. Enjoy your summer!

    1. It is so nice to finally get settled in. Now it is just trying to remember where I put everything! :)

  2. Yay for having a desk! I actually have a real desk now too (I was using two storage boxes stacked on top of one another at first), but I need to declutter, so I'm sitting on the floor and using my couch in the meantime, haha. That's awesome that you have space to exercise there too! (I got to clear out a space in my new apartment for that and it made me weirdly happy/excited, haha. :D )

    Great job on getting all those miles in!!

    1. It's all about the little things right?! A desk is a wonderful thing!
      Before this space I was trying to exercise in the living room while yelling/pleading with my kids to let me have some time. Now I can sneak away! It's a lovely thing :)