Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gearing Up For Worcester Running Festival

It was just two weeks ago that I ran the first Half of the Vermont City Marathon and in just over a week I am heading to Worcester, Massachusetts to run my next Half Marathon in the Worcester Running Festival. This will be my first Half that I am doing out of state. Someday I would love to do Disney or even the Runner's World Half but until the little's get a wee bit bigger, and I can actually get the nerve to leave them overnight, races have to be close by. It was a goal of 2016 to do one out of state race and it only seemed appropriate it be in Massachusetts since that is where I spent my twenties and still call it home. 

I have no idea what to expect from this race. I read the coarse description which did offer that starting around mile three it will offer the hilliest stretch for the next couple miles. Isn't that just very nice of the coarse! I do love hills just as much as I hate them. Being that it is earlier in the race I am figuring this will help me pace myself the first half of the race and those hills I will be running down the last half and can gain some time back then. 

I love running new routes and seeing new scenery. Worcester has some very old and historic buildings and houses that I am sure will be wonderful to see. I don't need to know the coarse to feel comfortable running it. It's an adventure to me to venture out on new roads. I always take my running shoes with me when we do our family mini vacation to Old Orchard Beach, Maine each year and love running while having no idea where I am. 

It's been a busy month and I am looking forward to next weekend. Of course for the race and also because we get to stay with and see close friends of ours. The Worcester Half also has a 5K portion that  my girlfriend Sharon is running. This will be her second 5K and I am so proud of her! Not only has she taken up running in the past year but this also comes after she suffered a stroke. She is a strong woman, wonderful mother, and incredible friend. She has always been there for me and has supported me in my running. Now we get to go to a race together! I am very excited and can't wait to be at the START line next to her. 

I have no goals for this race other than to have fun! I am not worried about time or a PR. Don't get me wrong, a new PR would be lovely yet I don't think it will be this race. I want to take this race and just do it because I love running. I want it to serve as a reminder that I am lucky to be able to run and savor in the steps my feet take. I want to run with a smile on my face and greet the hills with determination. I want this race to be filled with moments of euphoria that only a runner could understand. It could end up being the worst race I have done, but it still will be running where I use to call home. That right there, that is something special. 

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