Thursday, October 20, 2016

Running Shoes to Stiletto's

It is almost the end of October and I am officially done with my training for the year. Two weeks ago I did my 10th Half Marathon! I was pretty excited to hit double digits on this one. I ended my season with the GMAA Green Mountain Marathon and Half Marathon. This was the third time that I did this race and though not a my fastest time it was a PR for this particular course. I had a wonderful race; the temperature was perfect and as always this race offers such beautiful pieces of Vermont. There isn't much for crowd support yet I am okay with that. For the past couple years I have ended my race season with this race; enjoying the quiet country roads and the farm animals I see on the way: horses, cows and pigs!!! I love animals of coarse!

Taken by my 5 year old right before the finish line. I was excited!

This month I am participating in If Girls Ran The World. Every mile that I run is dedicated to a cause of your choice. I chose the Susan G. Komen foundation. I have always been passionate about supporting breast cancer awareness and this was just another way I could give back. Each time I set out to run, even the days I don't want to, I remember why I chose to dedicate my miles to this cause and how hard women and men fight every day to battle this awful disease. I wanted to help be a part of kicking cancers ass; because someday we will! Check out my page to see my running progress and consider making a donation. One, two or even five dollars can make a world of a difference. It takes all of us to fight cancer so let's do this!

The best part of finishing any race is seeing these two!

Tonight is also one of my favorite events: Cocktails Curing Cancer! What better way to fight cancer than with a drink in your hand! Check out the website and if you cannot make it to this event read all that this non profit does. I am in awe of how this foundation and how it has grown. It takes a person with a big heart, determination, dedication and the desire to make a difference to put this event on. I have watched this non profit grow over the years and it is wonderful to see the once small room at a bar turn into a happy hour at a country club! Tonight I will put the running shoes aside, slip on my stiletto's, and raise a glass or two to fight Breast Cancer! 

Mom and I at Cocktails Curing Cancer 2015

Speaking of stiletto's...I am incredibly excited to announce that I am a 2017 Stiletto Running Ambassador.  I love all that this brand stands for: women empowerment, motivating and lifting one another up, and inspiring one another to be the best they can be no matter what one's running level is. At the end of the day we all share the same passion, and that is to run! Shana created a line of running apparel to fit her inner "girly girl" and in her words: "Every woman should feel girly, pretty, fit, strong, sexy, confident & of course...SASSY!" 

I am elated at what a hell of a year this has been for me for running. I have worked really hard to reach my goals. It has taken many miles, dedication and believing in myself that I could do it. It's not always easy, some days are definitely harder than others. I never get back from a run wishing I hadn't stepped out the door. Each run makes me stronger and better than the run before. I am a work in progress; running for my is about growth. I will continue to set goals and push myself. The only limits that can get in the way are the ones that I create. This is my life and I RUN it! 

"The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life." ~ George Sheehan 

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  1. You are supporting such a wonderful cause with all of the breast cancer activities. It is so wonderful to see people supporting that. I also love the name of the Stiletto Runners. That's awesome!

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