Friday, June 27, 2014

Candlelight & Ambiance

There was a time that any place I lived was filled with pretty things. At night time I would have candles lit. I would have candles all over my place. Who needs lights when you have candles. I loved the candlelight & ambiance my place had.

Now is a different time. I look around and see a high chair, walker, activity center, swing and toys. Toys that I am constantly picking up. Candles? One or two here or there that I like to light. But now there are little fingers and arms that can reach things. You know, all the things you don't want them to reach. You put something higher just to discover that these little people grow and can soon reach what you tried to have them not reach!

I am anxious to get rid of all the baby "stuff". Those big obnoxious things that just take up space.

Yet  this also means no more babies. *Big Sigh*

BUT it also means I may someday get to sleep. Right now Wes has had me up several times with his excessive nursing. It's tiring, frustrating...but not his fault. He has two big upper teeth making their entrance. I become his soother. Though sleep is not something I am getting these days I remind myself that this all goes by so fast.

Too fast.

I don't want to complain about it. It is my job. I am a mom.

Chase wasn't a good sleeper either. Matter of fact he didn't start sleeping well till he was 18 months. He still wakes frequently in the night. I wasn't blessed with children who slept for hours or through the night. So all you people who brag about it, SHUT UP!

So just like the candles that had to be put away, I have to put sleep on hold. It's only a matter of time when I will get to do it again. I won't get any of this time back. Before I know it I will be trying to wake them up to get them ready for school as their alarm clock goes off and they sleep through it.

 Who needs candlelight when you have the laughter and smiles of your children that light you up every day?!

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  1. Grr my first comment didn't post. I agree about the "baby stuff", I especially dislike our giant ugly high chair!
    You know, when we finally CAN sleep it, our bodies probably won't us. TGIF!