Thursday, June 5, 2014

In love with a "nut"

At the end of my pregnancy with Wesley I started eating popcorn for snack each night. It was summer and it was something healthy & light. We do cheat a little and sprinkle Cabot's Cheddar Bake on it (if you have not tried this stuff you must go get some! Seriously, use it on popcorn, pasta, pizza's! It is only 25 calories for 2 teaspoons.) I am still hooked on my nightly popcorn. We do ours stove top (By choice, I don't own a microwave). Popcorn has great health benefits and I don't have to feel too guilty plowing handfuls in my mouth.

We first started using regular canola or vegetable oil to cook our popcorn. Then we switched to Avocado oil. I eat Avocado often and we made the switch to cooking with this oil since Avocado also has great health benefits. Then it happened, I fell in love with a nut...Coconut!

I have always liked coconut, it's flavor and it's smell. I had been reading a lot about all the health benefits that coconut has. I found one article that said it was great to use with popcorn. I was intrigued to say the least but needed to try it!

Purchasing it was harder than I ever would have thought. I had no idea what compressed oil was. So when I received my first two jars of Coconut oil  I was a little dumbfounded on how I use it. I contacted the store I ordered from, they weren't much help, but with the help of Google I found a great web page that gave me 50 ways to use Coconut oil!

First I gotta tell you that it makes the best popcorn. I was happily surprised and when we run out and use another oil I get bummed. I have used it in coffee, smoothies, for my hair and skin! Even on cuts, boo boos! We keep a jar in the kitchen and in the bathroom. I am in love!!

What could be better than some that is natural and so good for you!


  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing! Now I want popcorn.....

  2. I love coconut oil SO much. In the kitchen it's amazing, and elsewhere it keeps my sensitive skin not angry!

  3. Popcorn cooked in coconut oil is so good. Try sprinkling nutritional yeast on it- it has a cheesy flavor and adds a bit of protein :)