Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Challenging the Woman Within

In less than 2 weeks I am scheduled to run my second Half Marathon.  I am ecstatic about doing another half marathon. I know this one will be very different from my first and wonder how that will work for me. Last time it was warm and sunny. I ran in temps I was not use to at that time. This time it is what I call my perfect running temperature. I love when it is between 40-50 for my runs. (Let me clarify that I enjoy that temp only for my runs, I prefer warmer weather and am not sure I will survive another winter!) This time my fellow runners will be a much smaller crowd. I wonder if this too will have an affect. There was a euphoria from the large number of runners and the support that the first half marathon brought. I am not sure what to expect with this one besides less cheering and more like one of my usual Sunday long runs.

I love fall. It is my favorite season. The colors of the trees, the sound of crunching leaves under my feet and the smell in the air. It is a good thing I run year round because with fall comes baking and I also enjoy that. When I bake, I also eat. Running helps that balance. I eat a little more so I need to run a little more.

Wesley with My First Half Marathon Medal

I am nervous. I know I shouldn't be. I have done this before. I also just broke my PR! I hit 14.1 miles. I will admit it was hard! The last two miles challenged my body. I had planned to do 13 miles in preparation for this next half but then as I was running I got it in my head that I wanted to beat 13.1. That's how my head works when I run. I am not competitive when it comes to races or life in general. When I run, I become competitive with myself. I want each run to be good (by the way, that is impossible). I want my times to get faster. I want my distance to increase. What I want is a stronger and better me. I was sore that night and into Monday. It was worth it! Every. Single. Mile.

Chase & Mama before the race
What's next for me? I would like to maybe someday do 15. Maybe even 18. A full marathon...no thank you. I admire you runners who can do it. For now I am happy where I am. I like my short runs on the weekdays and my long run on the weekends. I have a schedule I stick to and I am not a happy lady if it gets messed with. Just ask Jay and my kids, mama is much happier when she gets out for a run.

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