Monday, August 11, 2014

"Diva's of Little Devils"

Going from one to two kids was not hard for me. It was an easy transition really. Baby Wesley came and fit right in. He has been a good baby. Full of joy and happiness. Having him completed our family. He filled that piece in my heart that had a space. He was the "missing piece".

Chase was wonderful when we brought Wes home and for the first few months things were so nice. Then it 3 year old turned into a different creature.

The sweet boy that I would rock for nights on end, who would always kiss me goodnight without making me beg, that child who would look at me and make my heart swell...well, I think someone took him! Sweet little boy has now turned into my little a-hole!

Giving the "look".

I have been talking with friends lately regarding this issue. Apparently it's an epidemic! Really! It seems to be contagious and "widespread". Did I miss that one the 6 o'clock news?

Yes, I know this is just one of many phases. I know it will get easier. Then it will get harder. Then it will get easier again and then...well, you know where I am going with this.

It is not easy. It is not enjoyable. Some days are down right ugly. I love my child, that goes without saying I hope. But I do not love these days!

It hasn't brought out the best in me either I will admit. I do my best and some days are more of a struggle than others. I always wake up being optimistic that it will be a better day. Then he throws a ball at his brothers head, pushes him over, talks back, chases the dog (I did have to name him Chase right?!), doesn't follow directions, won't eat his dinner, screams for no reason, cry's for no reason...I could go on and on but for those of you who have a toddler you know exactly what I am talking about. You too are probably wondering when it is going to end.

Maybe I could start a support group for mothers with 3 year old. A support group with a lot of alcohol. And chocolate! I could call it something classy like "Diva's of Little Devils". Who wants to join?

I know I will blink and this will soon be over. Then it will be the next phase, the next hurdle, a new bridge to cross over. Preschool will be starting and I think that will do wonders for Chase.

Being his goofy self, this side of him I adore!

He is just doing what he is programmed to do. He is being a child. a three year old. It is his job to test boundaries, and mine to learn how to not loose my shit in the process.

As the saying goes: "This too shall pass".


  1. Yeah, a support group! We could meet in a church basement and drink out of Styrofoam cups.

    1. I thought with "classy" we would do Red Solo Cups instead of styrofoam :)

  2. We have some left over from Saturday!

  3. I wish I could tell you that four was easier... but nope.