Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Story of Our Four Legged Family Members

Long before my house was covered in toys, dirty hand prints and traces of boogers on my couch, there was always hair! Yes, before I had the two legged creatures, otherwise known as my son's, I brought home the four legged type. I grew up with animals in my house. I always loved dogs, cats and most small animals. 

I started working at my first Veterinary Hospital back in 2000. I began as a receptionist and worked my way through training to be a Veterinary Technician. Along my professional journey I would meet several amazing people, along with many four legged friends, that would touch my heart and I would remember years later.

Over the years I would also meet and take home the only other females in this house. Miss Vixen and Jules. Here are their stories.

Miss Vixen:

At the first animal hospital I ever worked at I became friends with another technician who had five dogs at the time. I use to pet sit for her often. One of her dogs was indeed special and won my heart. Her name was Power. Well, her full given name was Paige Puppy Power, but we just called her Power. Power was a rat terrier. I said that I would never have a small dog unless it was a rat terrier, all because of her.

Three years later two young girls brought in a small rat terrier. Her name at that time was Ziola. (Isn't that awful?!) She was being brought in for a broken front left leg. Her owners had purchased her two days earlier and they decided they did not want her on the couch. When little Ziola jumped up they pushed her off. The poor thing fell, resulting in her leg breaking. Where I worked we had a Surgeon (an awesome one I might add) and this is how this particular rat terrier walked into my life. After some conversation and the reality that they would not be able to afford the surgery, the small four pound rat terrier was signed over to me.

It was apparent that along with a new lease on life this small creature would need a new name. I was the day before Valentines Day. I kept throwing out names but nothing would stick. Then my friend, the one who owns Power, said "How about Vixen"? She had been listening to the radio and they were talking about Vixen's and Valentino's since it was Valentines Day. There it was! The perfect name for my new companion.

Vixen is twelve. She has been by my side through many changes. Thank God dogs can't talk! Any animal hospital I have ever worked at Miss Vixen would come with me. Clients know her and love her. She is truly a special dog. The best in my opinion. She has not enjoyed the changes of having children in the house. I think she has even barked the F-Word at me a few times. I can only hope as the children get older she will realize they love her just as much as we do.


I wasn't looking for another dog at the time; I also can't say that I wasn't open to the idea. One of the hospitals I worked at did some work with the Humane Society Of Chittenden County. We often saw several dogs and cats that would come through there if something needed to be examined. When she was found she had been tied to their door, with no note, no food, just left there. She was under weight, not spayed, and half of her hair was gone. The hair loss was due to a flea allergy and it was apparent this poor dog was malnourished and had been in poor conditions.

I took one look at her and knew I wanted to help her. Since it would be some time before she was nursed back to health and ready for adoption I offered to foster her as long as she passed a few rules: she needed to get along with Miss Vixen, she needed to be good with my cats, and she must get along with children. She passed all these and three months later I was signing paperwork to make her officially mine.

Jules is a stubborn girl. She acts more like a toddler than a dog most days, even at around ten years old. She is my four year old best friend. They seek one another out and if I can't find my son there is a good chance he is "snuggling" with her in the dog bed. I love her for the way she is with my children.

Our dogs are an important part of this family. I cannot imagine my house without animals in it. I also feel it is important for children to experience having a pet. There is a special bond in my house with a boy and a dog which has been beautiful to watch.

Both my dogs were adopted. Even our cat that we adopted last May was from the very same shelter we adopted Jules from. This is something which I strongly believe in. There are many special animals waiting to find their forever homes. If you are ready for a pet consider starting at your local shelter for your new furry friend.

Our home is home not only because of the love we have for one another. It is also home because of the love we give and receive from four legged friends. Our pets are part of our family and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our pooches! Do you have pets in your home? 

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  1. I love hearing stories about how people acquired their pets. There's always a good story! You were an integral part of Magic's story!

  2. What a sweet story, and the pic of your son & Jules in just beautiful!
    We've owned 3 rat terriers. They are wonderful dogs.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful story, Crystal, and great pictures! I especially love the picture of your son snuggling with Jules. So sweet! Our dog is a rescue too, and I feel so lucky that we found her.

  4. I love your story of how you got your dogs. Dogs are wonderful animals to have in the house, and my dog always got along wonderfully with my kids, until she passed on a few years ago.

    Right now we just have a guppy, but we're hoping to find a dog in the next couple of years. :-)

  5. I used to be a vet tech too! I was a medic in the Army, and used that medical experience to land the tech job. I lost count of how many dogs and cats i brought home :D

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