Friday, March 27, 2015

We All Have "The" Fever

It is finally that time of year again: Spring! It has been such a long winter. Living in Vermont you never know what Mother Nature will hand you. Granted she didn't hand us mountains of snow like our fellow "Bostonians" yet she sure did ask Elsa to do her freezing magic upon us.

I am an active person and enjoy being outside. My four year old, Chase, also likes to be outside. He is always ready for an outdoor adventure whether it be walking, hiking in the woods, jumping in puddles or running up and down the driveway. Now that we have had some warmer days we have been getting out for some walks and fresh air. God knows we all needed it. I think I was about to lose it if I had to spend any more time in the house with two toddler boys. It has been going on for days, even weeks, we all have it: Spring Fever!

One of the kick offs of spring here in Vermont is Maple Open House Weekend. This will be the third year we have made this a family ritual for us. I review the open houses on the schedule and make a list of at least three that we will visit. Last year on our travels we hit two extra. I enjoy this and it is not only entertaining to Chase yet both Jason and I find it fascinating. There is a lot of hard work, hours, dedication, and true heart that goes into making maple syrup. Each one has its own special mark on it. As the children get older I hope they will look forward to these weekends each spring and take part in picking out which ones we will go to.

The fever has also got me thinking about gardens and fresh veggies. Chase is at such a great age where gardening is fun for him. Last year he helped to water the garden and was always eager to pick what we grew. In preparation for our box gardens we started doing some planting inside until it is warm enough to get the plants outside. A little love and warmth to start our harvest is not only beneficial yet a great spring time activity. I covered the kitchen table with newspaper and got out our Jiffy pot starters, soil, and seeds then let the messy process begin. What boy doesn't like to play with dirt?! Seeing a plant start to sprout excites a child. They helped to grow their own food; that's a big thing to a little person!

We are also happy to see the wildlife come out of hiding. Just the other day, in a field close to where we live, we saw five deer! The week before Chase got to see a bunny out the window and now the birds are coming back to the feeders. I love the sound of birds on an early morning run when there is no other sound except my feet on the pavement. Soon the geese  up the road will also be back and we can watch the fuzzy babies grow.

Spring represents beginning and growth. It's all around us: trees budding, flowers blooming, the bees and butterfly's coming back. Let's not forget about "Alvin", the name given to the few of the chipmunks we like to watch run around the yard and garden collecting their food. Yes, each one of them is "Alvin". It's OK, they don't know mind.

The fever over here is bad! Let's go Mother Nature; Give us a warm Spring please! 

Happy Friday!! Have a fabulous weekend!

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