Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Drinking Crickets, A Tropical Island Boost, And A Visit to The Mediterranean

With fitness and health being two very important things to me I recently became a part of the Sweat Pink Campaign. As an ambassador I was fortunate to be chosen along with other ambassadors to review a Bulu Box.  If you join Bulu Box each month you receive four to five samples of a combination of vitamin, supplement or healthy snack samples. I was excited about receiving my box. The bright orange box arrived with it's inspirational quotes covering it.

I liked these ones:

"Go the extra mile, it's never crowded"

"You can brighten someone else's path with your own light"

"The difference between Try & Triumph is a little "UMPH"

I was pleasantly surprised with the samples in my box. Here is what was included:

Bugeater Foods Jump

Island Boost

Mediterra Bars

More-T Toothbrush

Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula

Earth's Care Anti-Itch Cream

The first one I listed is a protein drink that includes crickets! Yes, you read that right. The first ingredient listed in Bugeater Foods Jump is Cricket flour. The flavor was chocolate. I was a bit skeptical yet of coarse I had to try it. I was impressed with how good of a chocolate flavor it had. I mixed mine with coconut milk as I typically do with my protein after a run. It only contains 13g of protein which is lower than I would like yet this would be a good drink as an afternoon snack.

I used the Island Boost on my long run this past Sunday. I typically use GU Energy Gel-Chocolate Outrage as my fuel during a run. Five miles in I pulled out the Island Boost and gave her a chance. This product promises healthy energy without caffeine. The natural ingredients give you a "boost" without having a caffeine crash. I am pretty partial to my GU's yet I did like this product and would consider purchasing this. I felt great on my run and didn't re-fuel until mile ten and honestly could have gone longer.

The Mediterra Bars were Sundried Tomato and Basil. I typically love that flavoring in meals yet there was something I didn't like about it being in a bar. I ate it and even shared a piece with the almost two year old who seemed to like it. It's not something I would want to have again. 

How did Bulu know that I needed a new toothbrush?! This new toothbrush is designed in a T shape to cover more teeth and act as a tongue scraper. I have to admit, this was a nice little bonus.

The Yerba Daily Fiber didn't mix well and I felt it did not have a good orange taste as it promised.

As for the Anti Itch cream I will be holding on to that for the next bug bite or boo boo the kids get. I love that it is made from all natural ingredients. If I am using a product on my children all natural is important to this mama.

With Bulu Box after you have tried the samples, fallen in love with a product, you can buy the full size right on their site. I know when trying a new supplement that I hesitate because what if I don't like it?! This is a great way to try out a product before making that commitment. Bulu Box even gives you chances to earn reward points monthly to use towards a full size purchase. If you like trying new products, are in to health or maybe know someone who might enjoy this as a fun gift, go to Bulu Box and check it out! If you want to save 50 % off a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription use code: SWEATPINK.

So what did I think of my Bulu Box? Honestly I think it's great! Ten Dollars a month to try some new things isn't that bad. Yes, you are paying for your samples but if I were to add up what was in my box and have had paid the ten dollars for it, I figured that I received more in product than the total dollar amount. With the 50 % off code right now that makes it Fifteen Dollars for 3 months. Who doesn't like a good deal and some new goodies?!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Bulu Box for providing me with a box to review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. The Island Boost sounds good! I'm not sure I'd like a tomato & basil bar either...
    I love that the cricket powder is called jump, haha! :-)

  2. I reviewed bars a while ago that used cricket flour and it wasn't so bad! I'd definitely try the drink!

  3. I have never tried a Bulu Box before. Looks like a great mix of goodies!!!