Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Give Love, Give Blood!

I received an email today that started like this :

"Dear Crystal,Thank you for joining the Be The Match Registry®. You are now an official member of the registry, making you part of every patient's search for a match".

I was driving on a Sunday morning listening to the radio. There is a program on one of the stations that has is called E Town. On it they always have pre-recorded shows and interviews from artists. On this particular morning they were featuring an interview with Mike Peters. He started talking about his battle with leukemia, how he survived it, and now how he gives back. I was moved by his words. Mike started a foundation called Love Hope Strength. His mission: Saving lives, One concert at a time. Check it out!

After that morning I felt like all of a sudden I was seeing things on the news or my Facebook feed about people needing donors. I would see pictures of children fighting their battle. Having children of my own I was able to slip into that place where you start to think, "that could be my child". Then it just clicked, I wanted to be on the list. There is a high probability I will never be a match, but there is still a chance. A chance to help save someone's life. Someone's mother, father, brother, or child.

I also feel strongly about giving blood. Since I was little I remember my father giving blood. He has for years and still does every time he can. I have also given a number of times, I don't now because I am nursing. The cycle of  being pregnant and nursing my children put a hold on that but I will give again when I can. I think we all should. Why wouldn't you want to give someone the gift of life? That is what giving blood can be to some patients: life! Think about it! Maybe it is time you get out there and give!

Think about life. Think about love. It's worth taking the time to donate in any way you can.

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