Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Race Week

It's finally here, Race Week! Sunday is approaching and soon I will be running my FIRST half marathon! I realize many people run, many people run half marathons, many people run an entire marathon. This though, this is MY first half. It's a big deal to me.

Training for a race is similar to waiting for a baby. You put time and effort into it. You wait anxiously, though you are also okay with it coming not so fast. You want to be sure that you are ready. Before you know it, it's here! It is time! Then the sweating begins. The heavy breathing. The hard work. Then, before you know it, it's over.

I was pregnant with Wesley when I decided that I was going to make it a goal of mine to run my first half marathon. Now he is 8 months old and it is race week! That went by fast!

I am ready. I feel I have trained well. Sunday I made a new PR for myself by hitting 13.0!! I am saving the 13.1 for race day. I hadn't intended to yet at this point it seems only appropriate that I do. I have a goal to finish under 2 hours and feel that is attainable at this point. My pace has gotten better and I feel strong on my long runs. I am going to keep in mind that the bottom line is to have fun and enjoy my run, that is the ultimate goal!

It's pretty awesome how a few years ago running even a mile seemed to take such effort. The thought of running past 5 miles was an accomplishment within itself. And now here I am, doing something pretty big. I am doing it for me, for my family, because I am fortunate that I can.

I would like to send good vibes out to each and every runner this Sunday. Whether it is a leg, half, or the entire marathon, I wish you a happy run!

To all the volunteers and workers for this event, THANK YOU!

Happy Running! 


  1. It's a huge deal!! We're so excited to celebrate with you!

  2. Get it!! I'll be cheering you on from the NEK!!