Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Raising Pinocchio

It has begun. My son, only three, has started lying. I had only hoped I would have more time with the sweet, loving, and charming little creature for a bit longer. But no, I have begun to raise Pinocchio.

They did not tell me when I was leaving the hospital that this would happen. Oh no, they smile and look at you adoringly and once you turn your back they are all probably laughing. Then you go back to have your second and they are calling you crazy under their breath. Most of them are moms, they already know what we are about to venture on.

So as I was saying, I have begun to raise Pinocchio. Of coarse these are just white lies mind you. Yet it amazes me at three years old that he:

A) Lies
B) Knows what lying  is and is aware of when he is doing it
C) Is pretty good at it

I know he is not trying to be malicious or hurtful. I understand this is him testing boundaries and being a toddler. It's not like he is plotting against least not yet.

We discuss it when he does lie. I call him on it and we talk about what lying is and why we don't do it. I tell him I want to be able to trust him. I explain lying is hurtful. That's all I can do. I have even told him about Pinocchio and how when he lied his nose would grow. Threatening my three year old with a big imagination, that his nose would grow too (hey, I didn't say I was running for mother of the year did I?!)

I suppose he is doing his "job" and now it is my turn as a parent to help him learn and grow.  To help him become a strong and independent boy. One which will be able to be a truthful soul.

This is the easy part right? Because the day when he really starts to tell me lies, well, that's when things are going to really get real. Someday he will be a teenager. He will test limits in a different way than he does now. He will tell me one thing and do another. I am sure I will cry, several times. I have to remember not to take any of this personally. I am his mom, it is my job to feel sadness and the sting of these things. It is also my job to always stand by him, guide him, teach him, support him and unconditionally love him.

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  1. Oh he's too cute to lie!!! ;-)
    Those rock stars are heart breakers!