Thursday, June 12, 2014

His Evil Power

I had intended to go to the store by myself. I just needed a couple things and thought that it was a good opportunity to sneak out and roam the store get what I needed. In my house, as I am sure many of you can relate, it is almost impossible to leave my house alone. My kids are use to being with me and being dragged around everywhere. You would think my toddler would be happy to stay home and play, but no, it's the opposite. He begs to come with mama. I stood there in his room saying it would just be a quick store run and I would be right back. Dad even tried to pull out all the cool toy suggestions. Fail. It appeared as I was not leaving the house without my toddler.

Since it was confirmed I would be bringing along Chase I voiced that he would not be getting anything at the store. I don't want my kids expecting things, yet rather be grateful for them. Plus we had a rather unpleasant day and he surely did not earn getting anything for himself on this visit to the store. So off we went.

I knew what I needed and knew I needed to be quick about maneuvering around the store where we wouldn't pass by toys or any other gadgets that Chase may ask to bring home. But it happened, we ended up in the aisle that has balloons. Not just any balloons though: "Mommy look! Mickey Mouse Club House.


I knew right then and there I was screwed. And not in the good way.

I did say no. Really, it came out of my mouth easily. Then he said: "Yes mommy, yes" While jumping up and down with a smile on his face.

Then I started laughing.

And then I caved.

I let him get that freekin balloon.

I don't always give in to his "evil power". I can hold my ground rather well and am pretty firm with him. Yet as much as this child can get me angry (yes, I said it, my child makes me angry sometimes!) he also knows how to melt me in one smile. Reach that part of me that only my children can. In those moments I surrender, I am theirs.

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  1. Isn't it great though, how much a little thing like a balloon can make them so happy?