Monday, June 16, 2014

Toes in The Sand

Growing up we took a family vacation every year. Once in awhile we would do something where we would have to travel a bit further (Pennsylvania, South Carolina, even Prince Edward Island). We never went anywhere we had to fly. The four of us would pile in my dad's Four Runner and we would be off to our destination. No, we never made it to Disney World. At 25, Whoops! I mean 35, I have never met Mickey Mouse.

As a family we did something even better in my book. We went camping every summer for a week. It was usually always the first week of July. We would go to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. We stayed at this place called Baileys Camp Resort. My parents had a pop up camper and we would get a site and this would become our home for the week. We went to the beach, LL Bean visits, visited lighthouses, and had marshmallows by the camp fire. 

I have very fond memories of vacationing with my folks. Even as we got to be teenagers it was still fun to go with my parents. We could safely roam the campground and make friends. It was always sad when the week came to an end.

I am thankful for those memories. I hold them dear to me.

Now it is my turn. Now it is up to me to hopefully create some of the same memories with my own family.

The first time we did our  family weekend it was in 2012. Chase was 17 months. I didn't intentionally pick Old Orchard Beach. Jason and I both love Maine so in deciding where to go for a family weekend it sounded perfect. Kid friendly, nice beaches, the boardwalk, and seafood! Jason had never been to Old Orchard Beach so it was his & Chase's first time.

Chase at OOB in 2012

We had a blast and this year will be our third year going. This time it will be Wesley's first time. We go this upcoming weekend and I am getting excited. I booked this 2 months ago and finally it is here. It will be nice to put aside work and ordinary life, to put our toes in the sand and enjoy one another.

It is time to create memories.

Lasting ones.

Happy ones.

The kind that when my sons are 35 they will be looking back smiling at what we created as a family. Then maybe just maybe, they will do it with their children.


  1. We love OOB too- we've found a great campground where we'll spend the first week of August :) Enjoy!

  2. Old Orchard Beach is where we went every year too! So many special memories! Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!