Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Clickin Mama

If you walk into my house you will see pictures on my walls. Pictures strategically placed on walls in every room (except the bathroom, probably only because it is too small in there and the moisture would ruin them).  The majority of these photo's are of my children. A few of Jay and I, I have another of me and my brother when we were little. A picture of mom, Chase and I a few years back at the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk. A shot of Jenna & I from her wedding. I have this key holder that has three pictures in it as well. That holds a few photo's from Italy, pictures with Jenna's dad who is no longer here (and dearly missed). In my bedroom I have a framed photo of my grandfather from when he was young. I also have a picture of my friend Deirdre & I from long ago. And one of my favorites, a picture of me and Chase from his newborn photo's.

Chase & Mama- 11 Days New
I love pictures. I always have. I love taking them. I have my camera with me most of the time. I don't ever want to chance missing a moment that I could freeze in time.

That is what the wonder is about photo's. They are frozen memories. Treasures that we can hold on to after the moment has passed.

Papa Bissonnette

They are memories. Snippets from our lives that are captured. Sometimes stolen.

Jenna & Her Father~Taken 9/28/00 in Italy
They are reminders of the people in our lives. They can take you back to a special time, a place, a feeling.

Pictures are silent stories.

There are days that I take numbers of pictures. I love sharing my pictures. Showing people the beauty that surrounds me. Pictures filled with smiles, laughter, play and sometimes furry creatures.

I also am sure to have someone else catch moments, memories seen through someone eyes besides my own. Behind a different lens, those pictures have also become some of my most valuable treasures. I have my children photographed by my dear friend Jenn (from WILD cLOVEr Photography). I swear, this girl could take a picture of the ugliest bug and make it beautiful. She is a true artist and my walls are decorated with her talent.

I am sure my children will get annoyed with me chasing after them to get their picture. It is already a challenge to get Chase to smile for a picture, let alone sit still for one! Yet what I will have to offer them someday will be endless amounts of memories.

Chase feeding Wes black berries
Taken with love and pride.

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  1. I look forward to capturing beautiful moments of you & your boys for years to come. And I love seeing the wonderful moments you catch in between <3