Friday, July 25, 2014

Food for Fuel

In an effort to be sure I am fueling my body with good and nutritious food, I make myself smoothies. I try to have a smoothie almost every day (I tend to falter on the weekends with a different schedule).

I like knowing that in one drink I just put a couple different fruits and veggies in my body. It seems so effortless. I actually enjoy the whole process of getting it all together too.

I always start with Almond Milk! Then spinach & kale are also an essential part. From there I add different fruit combinations: Banana, Avocado, Strawberries,  Blueberries, Pineapple, Grapes and Black berries. Oh! Yes, Raspberries too! Not all together of coarse but some variation of one or a couple of these.

Peanut Butter!! Yes, add that to a smoothie with banana and avocado and you have one yummy protein smoothie!

Let's not forget Coconut oil. That also is a great add. And Greek Yogurt too!

There is one more thing that is a must I haven't mentioned, for me at least: Protein powder! Find your favorite, whatever it may be. I have been using Garden of Life Raw Protein for a few years. I originally started using Raw Protein to add extra protein in my diet and this one is packed with so many things that are good for your body that I make sure it is a part of my diet. Every! Single! Day! If I don't put it in a smoothie I put it in some almond milk and drink it post run.

I am not fortunate to have an awesome juicer (I really want one and have been looking at them and contemplating it for months now) but I do think there are still some great benefits of smoothie's. I don't have a fancy blender, I own a Cuisinart Blender/Food Processor which I have had for years. (I will tell you a secret though that I have been fantasizing about the Nutri Ninja Pro). What I use though is simple and it does what I need : Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender. I received this last Christmas at a family party gift swap. This baby has gotten it's use and I am impressed with it!

If you are short on time or going away for a couple days you can make your smoothies ahead of time in a blender so you can pour and go. I did this when we went to Maine for a couple of days. I have a friend who makes her smoothies in a big batch for the week.

See, look at that yumminess!!

I try my best to eat a balanced diet. Yet believe in "cheating" a bit. OK, Let me rephrase that, I believe in indulging! It is important to eat well and set healthy examples for our children. Smoothies are another way to be sure I am putting some good stuff in me. Especially on the days where I need a cupcake!

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