Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Never a dull moment

It amazes me some days what comes out of Chase's mouth. 3 1/2 and some days he baffles me. There are days I laugh at his smart mouth, and others I have to remember to breathe. He thinks he is funny all the time. He loves to copy. Some days I have no idea how he comes up with half the things he says while other days I am reminded I better watch what I say.

I decided over a few days to pay notice to a few funny things and jot them down.

The mind of a three year old:

* "Let's do it"! : He was excited when he said this

* I wanna wipe my boogers on you" : This was while he was sobbing and we had asked him NOT to keep wiping his boogers on us.

* "I'm gonna put you in a cage" : No idea where this came from. He was trying to pretend he was one of us scolding him. I swear, never have I threatened to put him in a cage...may have thought about it...never have...hmm...

* "Mommy, my belly is getting hungry" : Of coarse requesting food as he always does. I swear this boy is constantly eating!

* "I don't want anymore problems out of you again daddy!" : This one had me laughing! We were eating dinner when he blurted this out. Jason was in the middle of reprimanding him for something.

* "Phew, that's a close one" : We were on our way out the door and I had forgot my keys.

* "You wanna smell my naked feet" : This was while putting him to bed the other night and he puts his big feet in my face.

* "Do you wanna see it mommy?" To which I reply no and then he says "Yes you do" while laughing hysterically and pulling down his pants. You can figure out the rest I am sure.

There surely is never a dull moment around here with Chase!

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  1. Haha! It's a great idea to write their sayings down. They are priceless!