Tuesday, June 9, 2015

5 Things I Do Before A Race

It is Race day! You sign up months prior to this day...Or maybe you just decided on a whim that you wanted to do this race. The time has come and now you are crossing the days off the calender and counting down to your race. There are ways to be sure that your body and mind are ready. This may be different for every runner. Toady I share with you how I prepare for my races.

1- Stay Hydrated: I typically drink a lot of water without needing any push to do so. The week of a race it is important to be sure you have a sufficient water intake. Water helps to maintain fluid balance, keep you hydrated and aid in muscle recovery. Water acts as a lubricant and cushion for your joints; as a runner this is vital. Here's another fun fact for you: Since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you focus, think and concentrate better and be more alert. Because of this your energy levels are also boosted!

2- Food For Fuel: The week before a race I am more careful than usual in what I choose to put in my body. I also try to increase my carbohydrates. It is not just the night before pasta dinner that fuels your run but the carbs you load your body with in the week to days prior to your long run. You need to build your carb supply to store for energy.  As noted by RunnersConnect : "The greater the amount of stored muscle glycogen, the greater the endurance potential of the body."

3- Staying Sober: You might think this one is obvious but I have known other runners who like to have a few beers on the weekend. Okay, so truth be told is that I like to have a few drinks on the weekend. I tend to stay clear of alcohol all week and when the weekend comes around I enjoy a drink or five two. The night before a big race I stay sober. I may allow myself one drink yet I limit what goes in my body. Let's go back to hydration shall we. Alcohol, as we all know, does the opposite of hydrate us. When I run in a race I want to have a clear head, feel strong, and be able to focus on what my goal is for that day. As much as I like a good buzz, I also love a new PR.

4- Shower: Some may think this is silly since you are going to be sweating and need to shower afterwards. Showering after a race is also good for your body and muscles to aid in recovery. Some even like an ice bath. (Me, I would rather have the hot water on me!) When I get up on a race morning it is typically early. I take this time to wake up and have some quiet time. First things first, I need to wake up. I want to feel revitalized and ready for my run. I start the coffee, jump in the shower and then I can have breakfast.

5- Breakfast: Now we are at the most important part: Fueling your body before a race. Breakfast is important to give me the necessary energy I need to start my race. I never go on a run before having breakfast or a snack. I might have granola and fruit, oatmeal, or eggs and wheat toast. Along with it I drink my protein mixed with coconut milk. Remember, you want to give your body nutrients that will fuel you. You want your body to be primed and ready for the challenge ahead of you. Eat one to three hours before your race and be sure to fuel during your long run.

There you have it my friends, this is how  I prepare for my races. Don't forget to stretch before and after you run!!

Just two more things I want to add:

"Always Believe You Can"
     Happy Running

Do you have a routine before you races? Is there something that you always eat? 

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I have yet to run in a race, but hope to run a 5K soon.

    1. Your welcome! I think sometimes people get too nervous and forget some of these things which really do help in a race!. I hope you do get to run a 5K!!! Keep me posted if you do. I would love to hear about it.

  2. This is a really helpful list! I get so nervous before a race that I have to force myself to eat. Never fun. I do have a thing for PB pre-run though. It's my go to right now.

    1. PB is a great pre race run snack. I often will do a slice of bread with PB on it in the afternoon before a run. Good, quick fuel!!