Thursday, February 5, 2015

January Running: Frosty Lashes and Icy Nipples

I am not sure about you but January felt like it had one hundred days crammed into it instead of thirty one. I am not a winter gal. I do not ski (never have), I do not snow board, ice skate, or take part in the luge. No, this girl would rather be on a beach with a drink in her hand. Scratch that! I would rather be on the beach with sunshine and drink. Yes! That is what I am talking about.

I am so done with the 0 degree temps and frosty eyelashes. I may hate this time of year but it does not stop me from going out and doing my workout. I run. That is what I do. I made the commitment to running so this means I am out there when I would rather be home sipping a beer coffee.

It has definitely been a challenge for me. Since I have been running through the winter for a few years now I am pretty good at figuring out how to dress. I did mess up a few weeks ago and paid for it. We had one day that was 30 degrees and I had such a wonderful run. The next day it was down in the single digits. I must have still been in some euphoric state that I hesitated on my running gear and under dressed. I didn't run as far as I intended and I came home cold. I could feel my skin tingling from the sting of the cold air blowing through my running pants. Parts of me were freezing ( I will let you use your imagination) and no one wants to get frost bite on their genitals. (I know you were thinking it!)

This was taken Sunday. It was a cold but good run!

On most days I do dress appropriately for my runs. The bottom line for me is the conditions which this very cold weather brings. It is more like learning to ice skate on my town's roads with running sneakers, than it is actually running. I don't wear any metal grips on my sneakers like some do. I have thought about trying them but worry about it throwing off my run. I end up doing a lot of running in the road and not the side walk. I do not always feel safe and am trying my best to be alert during my runs. I have noticed that many drivers do not pay attention. People are distracted while driving these days therefor it is my responsibility to be aware of my surroundings and not get lost in the run. Some days it feels like a like a game of Frogger. Me, being the frog of coarse.

We just said goodbye to January. I am hoping February is more kind to us runners out there. With that being said I did complete 82 miles last month. I was  not completely happy with that, I had a higher number in my head that I wanted to achieve. It was almost double what I ran the year before and with that I will give myself a little more credit. I must have been in post baby bliss last January (Wes was only 4 months) since I only did 44 miles.

I am also trying to make more of an effort to cross train. I have been trying video's on you tube on my off running days or on the days that I am forced to stay in my house because of Mother Nature. I am trying hard to put more of an effort in sculpting my body to become stronger for the races I have ahead of me. I have tried out a few and I have to say that the Jillian Michael video's I have done have been my favorite. I like the way she incorporates strength training and cardio into a workout. I feel challenged by her video's which is exactly what I am looking for.

I also decided to do a jumping jack challenge this month! A fellow blogger and runner, Simply Sole Searching, has started this challenge and I decided I would "jump" on board with this too. Check it out at: Simply Sole Searching: Jump for Joy in February. I am not sure if I will be able to complete it as the number of Jack's gets up to 250. But hey, I need to at least try!

Now it is time to welcome February and hope for warmer weather and better runs! Goal for February: 90 Miles minimum! Come on Mather Nature, bring it!

Happy Running!

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  1. 82 miles in January is amazing! Congrats! I agree, though, I'm desperate for some friendlier temps this month!