Monday, February 3, 2014

Cheap Therapy

We all have something that we do which we find solace in. Something that makes us feel good, becomes our release, and heals our souls. For me that that something is running. I like to refer to it as my therapy.

I didn't always run. I wasn't one of those people who ran in high school. I never did track.  It wasn't something I really enjoyed at first. Maybe it was that I wasn't ready to appreciate what it could offer me. Sure, I ran in my twenties here and there. It wasn't until over the past couple of years that running became something that I was passionate about.

My father has ran since I can remember. He was always going out running, and still does. My father even completed 3 marathon's in his 50's! I admire that and am proud of my father. My love for running must be handed down from him. Though there is no desire to run a marathon for this girl just yet!

I am not a huge distance runner. But I love running. I try to run 4 times a week. Weekdays I get in 3 to 5 miles a couple times and on the weekends I do longer runs. 6,7, 8 miles. Sometimes more. This Saturday & Sunday I got in 7 each day. The most I have ever run is 11. The goal for this year is to complete my first half marathon. I hope to do this with my father. We have registered for the Vermont City Marathon but now have to wait and see if we get picked since it is by lottery. Fingers crossed!! I love being a part of this race and have done so in the relay a few times. Yet running the Half is something I really want to do.

My new running shoes for the season

Running is something I do for myself. It is one of the only times I leave my children. This time becomes sacred to me. When I run I can be alone with my thoughts. Here I can think about life, myself, my family. I reflect on the things I do, the choices I make. When I run I think about the mistakes I make, and here I come to forgive myself and let go of the negative. I find myself on my runs. It is important for me to make time for this.

I try not to let mother nature interfere with this. The cold lately does make it less pleasant yet I still try to make sure I get out there, even if it is twice a week. I ran through the past couple winters and even though I hate the cold, I love my runs.

I even ran throughout being pregnant with Wesley. It was a goal of mine. I said even if it was a half mile I wanted to run until I had him, or couldn't run anymore. The last run I did when I was pregnant was 2.5 miles at 40 +1 day pregnant, pushing Chase in the jogging stroller. The last moderately long run I did was 7 miles at 37 weeks pregnant. I don't say this to boast. I tell you this because I achieved something that was important to me. I stuck with my goal. I believed I could, and I did!

I started running in my 30's. Point being, it is never to late to start something that you want to do! Find something that you are passionate about and follow through with it. Make it yours. Believe in yourself. Set goals. You never know, you might surprise yourself.

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