Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Glass Jar

A year ago I saw this clever thing on Pinterest that I wanted to try. So I did! The idea was to take a mason jar and fill it with happy moments and good things that happen through the year. Then on New Years Eve, take them out and read over all those things that had happened. I loved this idea and committed to doing it. In the end I wanted to take those moments and make a scrap book out of them.

A year passed, 2014 rolled in, and I was possibly, with out doubt, too intoxicated to remember the damn jar. It wasn't until last week I opened it up and looked through it. I had decided to not just make them happy thing but also funny things. I even used funky scissors to cut the paper and had little pieces ready to write on. It made me smile to read a few of them. Yet truth be told I was disappointed in the number of moments counted. I feel I forgot about this jar more than I used it.

I have decided that I am going to give it another try. I will move the jar from the shelf it sat on to a new place. I haven't figured exactly where just yet but if I see it everyday then maybe that will help. I think adding the funny moments is another flare to this jar. Laughter is very important to me. There is not a sound I love more than hearing my children laugh. (Wesley just started belly laughs! It just makes me smile!)

I want to to be more aware of all the happy things that happen. I want to be sure to celebrate these moments and look back on them with a smile and a full heart. Then if I can put these in a scrap book I will be able to hand down these memories to my children. I want them to know just how much I treasured each one.

Just reading the picture above brings me back to how I felt in that moment. This is what the Glass Jar is all about. Reliving those special moments that pass by. To feel them again, to never forget them. To pass on a memory.

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