Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 ways that a toddler is like a puppy

I love my children. That goes without saying right? I don't need to sit here and go through all the things that make my heart swell with joy each day. As any parent, my love in unconditional. Even in those moments that are not so beautiful. The ones where we are beside ourselves with the answers. The times when we just simply shake our heads, walk away, and even sometimes yell more loudly than we intended to.

With that being said I bring to you the top 10 reasons why a toddler is like a new puppy!

1-You have to take time to train them. A toddler, like a puppy, does not know how to act, we have to show them what to do.

2-Positive reinforcement works wonders: You take a dog out to pee you typically give it a cookie when it comes back in. The same goes for a toddler when training to use the potty. Treats and prizes of any sort make all the difference.

3-You need to exercise a puppy to tire it out. I worked with one veterinarian that use to tell clients that: A tired puppy is a happy puppy. Yes! Exactly! Same with my toddler. If I get him outside and he is able to play and becomes tired not only is he happy, but I am happy! So with spring upon us get those toddlers out an "run them" as you would your puppy!

4-A puppy often needs to be told repeatedly a command before it understands it or follows it. Toddler like puppy will need to be told several times what to do before he/she does it.

5-Some puppy's are louder than others and like to bark. This resulting in waking the newborn baby in the house at the most inconvenient times. A toddler too will yell or "screech" at the top of his/her lungs and wake the baby you worked for so long to get down to sleep. This resulting in frustration, anger and exhaustion for the parent.

A toddler and his dog
6-Puppy's can be fussy. Sometimes it takes a few tries at different brands of foods before you find one that will actually satisfy your new puppy. Then there is the toddler who will often turn food away, throw food, or spit out whatever is in front of them.

7-Toys will not last very long. Both a puppy and a toddler have a way of taking a toy, even if it is their favorite, and breaking it. Mom's and dad's, don't get too attached to the toys and never spend too much. It's like watching them eat your money then spitting it back out.

8-The attention span of a puppy and toddler are identical. You will find yourself repeating the same phrases over and over. And if you are outside be sure to either have your puppy on a leash and your child within view or hold their hand! It can take a blink of an eye and they are off running.

9-Both a puppy and a toddler are incredibly adorable when they sleep. This making your heart gush with happiness and forgiveness, once again forgetting all about 1 through 8.

10-Lastly I leave you with a positive similarity of a puppy and a toddler. Both will give you unconditional love. They will still wake up each day and lick your face (or kiss you, it's all the same right?!) They will forgive your mistakes. They will shake with happiness as long as you play and spend time with them.


  1. Haha! This is great!!!!!! #3 made me laugh because last night our toddler-puppy went outside and just ran in circles!!!

  2. I LOVE this!!!!! What a great way to explain to low child tolerant people!